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Back-to-school haul + school year in my country

Back-to-school haul + school year in my country



Since it’s almost autumn and most of you already started your new school year and I am starting mine in a week I decided to do a Back-to-School type blog post. This will mostly be a haul of clothes and accessories for school but in the end I will also include some other goods: like notebooks and etc., which I enjoy using. Moreover, I will give you some information about school system in…

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This is a remake of this post that I made to see how much my gifs have changed. :)


Brant Daugherty. What I’d give to either be cuddling in his arms, or lying naked on top of his body. ♥

that smile tho..
Not all monsters do monstrous things | via Tumblr - https://weheartit.com/entry/133892390
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VMA 2014 fashion.